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400 Arnold Street,
Wallaceburg, ON, N8A 3P5

Email Address

Winter Hours

Sun & Wed: 10:00am-11:00pm
Thurs-Sat: 10:00am-12:00am


How do I book a round?

Click one of the book now buttons to access the booking website where you can select how many hours you require and how many golfers are joining. You then will be shown a calendar view of available simulator times. Select one and fill out the requested contact information. You will receive a confirmation email and appointment reminder via email or text. You will pay for your round at the facility.

What do I need to bring?

You can use all your own golf equipment. We ask that you only use clean unmarked golf balls and inspect all your clubs to make sure they are clean. You must have clean shoes, no metal spikes. Bring a second pair of clean shoes to wear indoors during the winter months.

How does simulator rental work?

Simulators are rented by the hour not per person. You can use simulator time for practice, on course play, games or hit the driving range. We recommend booking 1hr per person.

How many people can play?

We allow up to 5 people per simulator bay. Some game types will not accommodate more than 4 such as team scrambles or best ball.

What games can I play?

TrackMan offers 18 different on-course golf game types including stroke, match play, skins, best ball, scrambles and much more. In addition, there are 5 fun off-course games including Magic Pond, Hit It!, Closest to The Pin, Bullseye and the Streets of Neon Mini-Putt.

What courses can I play?

Currently, TrackMan offers a library of over 200 courses and adds an average of 3 courses per month. View a complete list of courses.

How does putting work?

TrackMan Virtual Golf lets you choose to have auto putting enabled. This means no need to pull out your putter, it will give a pre determined amount of strokes based on distance to the hole and can even be decided by handicap. If you are feeling brave opt for manual putting where you can roll your own putts in the sim until you land inside the gimmie zone.